Structural Dynamics with short X-ray pulses

Start Date
19-09-2019 09:00
End Date
19-09-2019 10:00
Room 500 - 501, Central Building
Speaker's name
Marco Cammarata
Speaker's institute
Université de Rennes, France
Contact name
Claudine Roméro
Host name
Michael Wulff
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X-ray have accompanied scientists in their quest to understand the world since more than a century. Yet the dynamical aspect of matter as it transforms or functions has been primarily studied by optical probes only due to the low peak brightness of early X-ray sources.
The advent of 3rd generation synchrotrons and more recently of hard X-ray Free Electron Lasers have provided intense pulses that can be used in pump and probe schemes to access short (100 ps) or even ultrashort (10 fs) time scales.
Such revolution has opened the doors to the study of transient states of matter ranging from biomolecules at work to quantum wavepackets and photoactive materials.
In this presentation, after a brief introduction on how these experiments are performed, I will illustrate the recent progresses of time resolved X-ray science trough various examples from my own research together with some milestones obtained by the vibrant community using short X-ray pulses.

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