A paleontologist at the Advanced Photon Source: from fossils/tomography and beyond

Start Date
24-01-2020 09:00
End Date
24-01-2020 10:00
Room 500 - 501, Central Building
Speaker's name
Speaker's institute
Interventional Neurorradiology Section at the Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca, Murcia, Spain
Contact name
Eva Jahn
Host name
Veijo Honkimaki
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Paleontology projects are now much more common in synchrotron sources all around the world than they were a few years ago. Nevertheless, only two institutions worldwide have had a paleontologist “on site” working as a beamline scientist: the ESRF in Grenoble and APS in Chicago.

What started as a paleontological-experiment based community in 2BM beamline at APS evolved to be a multidisciplinary approach on paleontology, evolutionary biology and biochemistry. The advancements in tomography (local and dynamic) in 2BM and 32ID allowed these communities to focus also in fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence microtomography, nanotomography and perspectives in diffraction tomography.

During these years, a very specific workflow for this multidisciplinar projects was developed, to help the researchers to understand all the steps of the process, from proposal submission, beamtime allocation, visit to scan the material, processing of the data and segmentation/interpretation of the results.

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